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If you don't regularly feed your child junk food...why give them junk sleep?

Good sleep is at the heart of brain development and mental health. Babies and toddlers need it, which is why they sleep so often. We tend to focus all of our attention on nutrition and other necessities, but we forget how important good sleep is for everyone in the house to function at their fullest capacity. By helping our children sleep, we're supporting them in their healthy development and giving ourselves the gift of clarity and good health, too! 

Nikou once saw a pillow that read “sleep your way to the top.” And she took it literally. You can’t be productive at your job or healthy if you don’t get enough sleep. Which is why a certified sleep consultant can be a blessing. Getting your baby to sleep means more sleep for you, and more sleep means more opportunities to shine at your job — all the way to the top.

Let's work together to get everyone in your family the good sleep they need.

Why a Certified Sleep Consultant?

There are many sleep consultants out there, but fewer than 200 of them are certified. The Baby Sleep Academy owner Nikou McCarra completed a comprehensive training program that included both theory and hands-on training at the highly regarded Family Sleep Institute. That means she is not only well-versed in sleep training practices, she can provide the course of action that best fits your family’s needs and wishes.

A certified sleep consultant can give you the advice and support you need to implement your family’s sleeping plan, including:

  • Giving you the tools you need to help your baby sleep

  • Creating a customized sleep plan tailored to your needs, utilizing a wide range of methods

  • Providing on-going support and coaching through the entire process

  • Helping you plan for sleep challenges such as nap transitions and moving to a big kid’s bed.

  • Reducing the health and behavioral problems that can be traced to poor sleeping habits such as ADHD and decreased academic performance

  • Offer proactive advice so you know what to expect before you bring your newborn home

Already Exhausted? Check out our consult packages and let us help you out.