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Are you expecting a baby and already dreading the sleepless nights you've been warned about? Are you a new mom struggling to remember your first name because you haven't gotten a full night's sleep in weeks? Is your toddler climbing out of his crib or making endless requests all night long? Do you dread bedtime and all of its challenges, and find yourself waking up multiple times throughout the night to tend to your child? Are you at the end of your rope?

The Baby Sleep Academy can help!

I was very leery of contacting a sleep consultant because I wasn’t interested in the cry it out method that many of my friends recommended. From the beginning, Nikou was very understanding of my wants and needs and constructed a personalized plan that my baby immediately responded to. I was very surprised at how quickly Henry picked up on the new routine and enjoyed getting more sleep just as much as we did! Now the baby, my husband, and I are better rested and as a bonus my marriage has improved from the extra time I now have with my husband! I would highly recommend Nikou to anyone out there; in fact I already have!
— Sarah W.
Prenatal and Newborn Consultation (0 - 3 months)

This package is perfect for expectant parents and newborns. We will cover healthy sleep habits, troubleshoot possible problems, and learn how to address bedtime, naptime, and night wakings.

$80 for 1 hour video chat (GoToMeeting or Skype) consultation, includes follow up 15 minute call OR two emails

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**MOST POPULAR** Baby and Toddler Chat & Email Consultation (3 months - 3 years)
from 100.00

We will fix the immediate sleeping issue to get everyone sleeping as soon as possible. Follow up emails can be used to address any current or future sleep disruptions due to travel, teething, and sickness. Ideal for families seeking assistance with their child’s sleep habits such as:

  • wean away extra night feedings

  • eliminate nightime wake-ups

  • move your baby into the crib

  • implementing a sleep schedule

  • facilitating nap transitions

  • overcoming short naps or no naps

  • overcoming bedtime battles or early morning wake-ups

$100 for one 30 minute phone call and 1 week email follow-up - will respond to two emails a day for one week after phone conversation

$140 for two 30 minute phone calls and 1 week email follow-up - will respond to two emails a day for one week after first phone conversation.


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Baby and Toddler Two Week Sleep Consultation (6 months - 5 years)

For parents needing guidance throughout the sleep training process. You are ready to take it on but just need the plan! We are here to help. 

Package includes:

  • Customized, easy to follow, step-by-step sleep plan

  • One hour phone call to review your sleep plan and answer questions

  • Follow up support: you will receive unlimited access to your sleep consultant for two weeks over email or text to work through any issues or concerns that come up, make adjustments if needed, and most important, get encouragement and support as you move forward with your family’s new sleep plan

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