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The Baby Sleep Academy promotes independent sleep for babies and toddlers. We ultimately want our children to fall asleep on their own (being put down wide awake and going to sleep without any sleep props). Having a healthy schedule and starting independent sleep habits early will help promote that independent sleep naturally.

Baby Sleep Class: Get to know other expectant and new parents while learning how to instill great sleep habits from the start in this 1.5 hour class. Learn everything you need to know about getting your newborn to one year-old baby to sleep — even before you bring the baby home. The Baby Sleep Academy's Baby Sleep Class will help you instill great sleep habits from the start. Topics include the science of sleep, week by week sleep expectations and tips, safe sleep environments, how to establish great sleep habits, sleep training methods, sleep regressions, and more. 

Ideal for: 

  • expectant parents
  • new parents (newborns are welcome to join) 

Nikou McCarra is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute, but more importantly, as a mother of two toddlers, she’s been there.

Laura Max Rose is a first time mom and Nikou's first client. Learn from the perspective of a mom who instilled healthy sleep habits from the start.

You motivated me to to get my baby in her own room and get serious about not nursing her as a crutch (now I just need to suck it up and do it). This would be a great baby shower gift for new moms or gift for any mom!
— Shannon S
This pregnant lady went to a class on sleep training last week and it was incredibly informative. I’m about to have my first child, so I’m clueless to any kinds of proper sleep methods and how to set good habits early on. There were also second-time moms there ready to learn after past mistakes and some that had older babies and just can’t take inconsistent sleep habits anymore. If you’re in need, I HIGHLY recommend it.
— Melissa B.

Slumber Party: Sleepy moms tend to hang out with other sleepy moms. Invite us to your next Play Group or Mom’s Night Out! We’ll come to your home for a one-hour private group session to discuss any sleep topic of your choice. This is an inexpensive way to help you and other moms get some sleep while having fun and creating a support group.

Corporate Lunch & Learn: Have an expectant parent or two in your company? Help them get a good night’s sleep today so they can be more productive tomorrow. This is a great — and welcome — employee benefit.

Get in touch for details and pricing.