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Daylight Saving Time and Your Baby's Sleep - Three Plans to Fall Back

November 5, 2017 at 2:00am is the end of daylight savings and the joyous day of the year that you get an extra hour of sleep! <-- said no parent ever.

Do you remember those days? They are a distant memory … just like sleeping past 7:30am on the weekend has become a distant memory for our family!

Unfortunately, the time change happens twice a year. Changing sleep patterns, even by an hour, can create challenges for your children. While adults adjust one day/one hour change, it takes children a week or so to adjust.

Just like sleep training, having a plan will increase your chance of staying on track. And because sleep has a major role in appetite, drive for rest, MOODS, emotions, immune system, stress, memory, and learning, we suggest you pick one plan and remain consistent to help ease your child into the fall time change.

Plan 1: Cold Turkey: Some babies and children adjust without an issue. On Sunday (or even as early as Friday if you can!), change your clocks to the new time and continue your usual routine on the new time. Your current eat / play / sleep routine provides sleep cues for your children and helps them know it’s time to relax and sleep. Continue to use what they know and understand.

***We highly suggest this plan if your child is in daycare/school since most childcare programs will shift the daily schedule to the new time on Monday. 

For toddler early wake ups: We are BIG fans of the toddler wake up clocks! Basically these clocks give your children a visual cue that it’s still nigh time. Set the clock to the desired time and when the light turns green, you go in with your happy face.

For baby early wake ups: Do not rush in there and send the message that this early wake up is ok! Wait 15 minutes each day until you are back to your regular daily wake time. Make sure you have a black out curtains

Light is typically the biggest culprit of early morning wakings and short naps, so we suggest a completely dark room. It doesn't have to be pretty - just dark. You can even use black garbage bags or aluminium foil and put those against the window to make it pitch black.

Plan 2: Adjust time 15 minutes per day. Shift naps and bedtime/wake time 15 minutes per day to work towards your usual schedule. 

Plan 3: Adjust time 30 minutes every 3 days. Same as above, but do increase the time and days.

Be prepared, have a plan, start early, relax, and continue to believe that you will get through the transition. Every child is different - some kids are hardly bothered by the time change while other kids can be thrown off for days. If you need additional assistance, please be in touch! We have several packages to help you get the sleep you need.