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Nikou McCarra is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute, but more importantly, as a mother, she’s been there. While pregnant she took all of the baby classes — learning how to do everything from breastfeeding to changing a diaper — but when her first child was born, she realized the one thing all of those classes hadn’t taught her was how to get her son to sleep.

As a working mother, she realized not being able to sleep could affect her career and her life, so she set out to learn all she could about developing good sleeping habits. With a little trial and error and a lot of perseverance, she succeeded. That experience helped her when her second son was born. He became a champion sleeper and friends and relatives noticed. Soon she was helping other mothers get their children and toddlers to sleep.

The experience of helping others led her to the Family Sleep Institute, where she immersed herself in learning everything she could about promoting positive sleep solutions. Today, she is ready to help you and your baby get the sleep you need from day one.

Alison McAdam is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant though the Family Sleep Institute. Alison is a mother, wife and friend. She has two daughters, ages 2 and 4 years old. She loves being a mother and if you are a parent, you understand the joy and love you feel daily. Being a mom has also brought with it numerous challenges for Alison, such as, a husband who travels 3 weeks a month, moving to a new city 20 days before becoming a mother and numerous health issues includingcancer, after welcoming her second daughter.

Alison has a previous career in human resources & administration and been a running coach at other stages in her life.

Watching and guiding her children grow and flourish inspired her to go back to school. She chose to study Sleep Consulting. She is eager to share her knowledge and experience to coach other parents in helping their own children sleep a little better.

When she’s not busy with her family, Alison likes to read, run andknit as time permits.

Laura Max Rose was determined to have her newborn baby girl sleeping through the night by 3-months-old. She knew she would be heading back to work after 3 months of maternity leave, and she couldn't function on the broken nights of sleep that mark the beginning of a baby's life. She read countless books and articles and consulted with friends, but it wasn't until she met with her friend and now business partner, Pediatric Sleep Consultant Nikou McCarra, that she was successful in obtaining the holy 12-hours-a-night of sleep that all of those books told her about.

Since getting her own baby to sleep through the night, she found herself offering advice to any sleep-deprived parent who would listen. It dawned on her that she had a passion for turning frustrated parents and babies into happy, healthy sleepers, especially after she realized what a positive difference a good night's sleep made in every aspect of her life. She joined forces with Nikou and they co-founded The Baby Sleep Academy where Laura currently co-teaches the "Bearly Sleeping" Baby Sleep Class and assists with one-on-one sleep consultations from the perspective of a mother who's been there.

Laura is also a writer, blogger, web designer, marketing maven, TV personality, wife + mama. She lives in the Southhampton neighborhood of Houston in an old, beloved brick house with her husband Ben, their new daughter Selma Baines and their golden doodle, Hampton and she makes her way through the crazier moments of being a new mom by imagining the cameras are rolling and she's starring in her own sitcom (when you've been pooped on for the third time in an hour, a little audience laughter makes a big difference.) 

Laura has been regularly featured on several local news programs including Great Day Houston and the Fox 26 Houston morning show as an ambassador for millennials and everything that employing them, living among them and dating them encompasses. She previously hosted a radio talk show based on her former blog, "The Light Files" where she had the honor of interviewing everyone from Houston's Former Mayor Annise Parker to famed "The Doctors" host Jennifer Ashton all before turning 26. Her new blog, "Jewish Penicillin" which is more parenting-focused, is her #1 passion project.